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Friday, December 20, 2013

Why I Will Never Host a Blog Hop Again

Why I Will Never Host a Blog Hop Again

Recently, I co-hosted a blog hop with another blogger. In the past, I've participated in blog hops. I'd never actually hosted one before, and I was really looking forward to the experience.

We did everything right. We launched it in advance. We offered great prizes. We made it as easy as possible.

I was very, very disappointed with the bloggers that signed up.

Out of the ones that joined... Only a handful actually posted the linky list and the grand prize giveaway rafflecopter. They didn't keep the post in the top few posts, though. 

A few bloggers didn't even bother posting the graphic, linky list, or rafflecopter. They just made a short statement that mentioned it, without posting any links at all to the hop itself. So basically they just used the hop enough to get the traffic without offering the visitors anyway to continue on. 

Then some didn't bother to post anything, and they didn't respond to email either.

I found the experience so disappointing, and it made me wonder why these bloggers signed up. I've participated in blog hops before, and I mean participated. I share it and actually work to drive traffic. I couldn't understand this. 

So I didn't find this to be a very positive experience. In the future, I will still participate... But I won't be hosting a blog hop again.

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